Glucocartiflex- Medicine equivalents and usage

Drugs acting on musculo-skeletal system- brand named Glucocartiflex is manufactured by Instituto Seroterapico Argentino and mainly contains Glucosamine Sulfate
Glucocartiflex comes under medical category M01AX05 - Glucosamine

Equivalent Medicines

Glucosamine Sulfate
Instituto Seroterapico Argentino
Drugs acting on musculo skeletal system



M01AX05 - Glucosamine

Active Ingredients

Glucosamine Sulfate

Available Pacakges

Available forms of medicines not known

Used for the diseases

Human Medicine
Drugs acting on musculo-skeletal system
Supplements and adjuvant therapy

Symptoms and indications

M01AX05 - Glucosamine


Instituto Seroterapico Argentino

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