123 (25 mg) Tablet uses, side affects and info

123 (25 mg) Tablet

123 (25 mg) Tablet - Sildenafil is manufactured by Aglowmed Ltd and the main constituent generic drug is Sildenafil.

Manufacturer: Aglowmed Ltd
Generic Salts: Sildenafil
Price: 1 Tablet is Rs.11.25

Side effects

The following are the most common side effects of taking 123 (25 mg) Tablet:
Headache, flushing,, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, abnormal vision, diarrhoea, dizziness, rashes. Hypotension. Blue-green discrimination. Migraine. Hypoglycaemic reaction. Arthritis.


Indications i.e usage of 123 (25 mg) Tablet and why 123 (25 mg) Tablet is noramlly prescribed for are listed below:
Erectile dysfunction.Pulmonary hypertension.

Contra Indications

Contra Indications means why and when 123 (25 mg) Tablet medicines shall be avoided are not to be prescribed:
Hypersensitivity.Organic nitrate therapy.


The precautions that has to be taken before taking 123 (25 mg) Tablet are listed generally:
Bleeding disorders. Active peptic ulceration. Anatomial deformation of the penis.Hepatic or severe renal impairment. MI, arrhythmias, unstable angina, heart failure or retinal disorders.


The cost of 123 (25 mg) Tablet drug per 1 Tablet is Rs.11.25 in India as of date.


123 (25 mg) Tablet mainly contains the generic formulation called as Sildenafil.

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